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the 52 projects

Curious which 52 projects are in the e-book? Click on the pages from the e-book below to see them larger in a new window:

project category descriptions

All 52 projects fall in one or more of the following categories:

Living Green

Eco-friendliness is about being good stewards of creation. When you’re mindful of the environment, you’re more conscious about living simpler—these projects will help you live a bit simpler and greener.

Living Well

When it all boils down, a simpler life is a more enjoyable life. These projects will help you get more out of life, with an outpouring of gratitude for the abundance you’ve been given.

Money Management

The goal with financial stewardship isn’t necessarily wealth, it’s doing well with the money you’ve been given. These projects will help you simplify your finances, hopefully saving you a bit of money in the process.

Organizing Your Mind

When you’re disorganized, you can’t think straight. These projects will help you think more clearly, so that you’re not jumping from one unfinished task to another. Life is simpler when you can concentrate.

Organizing Your Space

A better organized living space frees you to live simply, because you’re living only among the truly beautiful or useful. These projects will help you stay organized.


All too often, the people we love most are the ones we neglect first. These projects will help you polish one of the jewels of a simple life: nurturing your most important relationships.

Taking Care of Yourself

When you’re healthy, you’re free to live simply and do what you were made to do. These projects will help you live more healthy as you take better care of your body.

Time Stewardship

Our culture worships productivity and efficiency, but it’s also really easy to waste time. These projects will help you make better use of the 24 hours you’re given each day, making each hour a bit simpler.

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