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“Live simply, so that others can simply live.” -Mother Teresa

In May 2011, I traveled to the Philippines with Compassion International as one of their bloggers. I’ve traveled a lot, often in far-reaching, third-world locations, but I was absolutely blown away by what I saw in the Philippines. The sponsored children I played with, the mamas and babies I hugged, and the teenagers I chatted with over lunch all had one thing in common: they had hope. You could see it in their eyes. Compassion was giving these precious people hope by meeting their felt needs, and were pointing them to the only One who gives everlasting hope.

No self-pity. No manipulative, sad faces to guilt me out of my money. The Filipinos I met were joyful, exuberant people who were thrilled to be part of Compassion’s labor of love. The transparent financial integrity I saw confirmed that this was an organization I could trust with our giving. The staff and volunteers who work daily with these poorest-of-the-poor had tender hearts—they truly cared for these people deepest in need.

I love Compassion. They spend money where they should, and they work directly with those deepest in need. You can read more about Compassion in One Bite at a Time, because in the book, I share how I believe there should be a reason to live simply. Getting rid of our stuff is all well and good, but ultimately, it should be about Something Bigger. For me, Compassion International plays a part of that Something in my family’s life.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” -Mother Teresa

mothers and babies

Some of the proceeds from One Bite will go to a Child Survival Program, where Compassion helps save the lives of at-risk babies and mothers in poverty through local churches. CSPs provide:

  • Prenatal care
  • Nutritious food and supplements
  • Ongoing health care
  • Infant survival training for mothers
  • Spiritual guidance and education
  • The loving support of a local church

Head here to learn more about how your family can give to Compassion.

Head here to download One Bite at a Time.